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Exercise in Everyday Activities: Cleaning

One of my co-workers is convinced he can market his YogaCleaningilates as the next new hot fitness class, when really he just wants people to come clean his apartment! But who knows though, with moves like the squat and mop, shoulder press and window wipe, and push-up and dust, maybe he’s on to something!

So to help boost his class enrollment beyond just himself, I decided to help him out by showing everyone just how much of a calorie scorcher cleaning the apartment can be. (Check out my other post about how many calories you can burn by moving apartments.)

Calorie estimates are provided by and are for 15 minutes of each activity:

Sweeping the floors: 39 calories

Washing windows: 34 calories

Mopping: 43 calories

Dusting: 26 calories

Taking out the trash: 26 calories

Straightening up: 26 calories

Scrubbing the bathroom: 48 calories

Washing dishes: 22 calories

Vacuuming: 43 calories

Making the bed: 17 calories

Doing laundry: 17 calories

Total for cleaning his apartment, eh I mean taking a class of YogaCleaningilates – 341 calories!


Move it, move it
February 21, 2009, 4:03 PM
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After a long month of apartment hunting, I’m finally moving next week. While attempting to carry home a few empty boxes and a couple of leftover newspapers from work a few nights ago, my arms felt like they were going to fall off! I literally thought there was a fire building and waiting to explode from inside my biceps. And mind you, it’s only a seven minute walk to my apartment from work.

This got me thinking… this whole moving process is going to burn some serious calories (hopefully)! The body burns calories by functioning alone (i.e. breathing, digesting food) and you also burn calories performing normal daily functions like washing the dishes and even sitting in front of the TV. While it’s a nominal amount and doesn’t take the place of exercise, every little bit helps!

S0, inspired to do a little research, I was able to come up with an estimation of how many calories I’m going to burn just by packing my room, cleaning my apartment and moving – then doing it all over again while unpacking – thanks to the calculations I found at

Sweeping floors, 15 minutes: 34 calories
Washing dishes, 15 minutes: 22 calories
Vacuuming, 30 minutes: 60 calories
Packing suitcase, 2 hour: 120 calories
Moving furniture and household items, 2 hours: 590 calories
Scrubbing floors/bathtubs, 30 minutes: 82 calories
Packing/unpacking boxes light to moderate effort, 4 hours: 592 calories
Putting away household items, moderate effort, 2 hours: 236 calories

… So give or take, I’m looking at burning around 1,736 calories next Friday. Not shabby for a workout that’s guaranteed not to be boring! And honestly, after all the stress I’ve had from this whole ordeal, it’ll be nice to reap some extra benefits. To bad I never want to move again!