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Fun Facts

• I have a horrible habit of changing the television and radio station constantly, even when I’m on a station with a program I like, just to make sure I’m not missing something I like even more on another.

• I’m still trying to completely kick the habit of drinking diet sodas. I’ll go through phases where I will give up soda a few months, then I’ll give in, and oddly enough, it’s usually a craving for diet orange soda that causes me to break my fast. *UPDATE: I’m now 8 months soda-free and going strong!

• Despite the fact I’m in the publishing industry, I’m naturally horrible at spelling.

• I have a tendency to talk fast, really fast.

• I’m obsessed with collarbones. I don’t have a prominent one and it’s the first thing I’ll notice on people, mainly out of envy.

• I have this uncanny talent of being able to look at a plate of food and give a pretty accurate estimate of how many calories the dish has based on proportion and my assumption of the way it was prepared.

• I’ll only eat the big soft blueberries from a batch.

• I’m great at finding the most random things online. You need a glowing bathtub, I know the link. Need chocolate shaped like sushi that comes with a green creamy chocolate on the side to mimic wasabi, I got you covered.

• I broke my ankle playing laser tag – at 21 years old.

• Sangria and Caipirinha are my favorite drinks.


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