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Keep Your Heart Healthy Year-Round

In the 80s Chris de Burgh sang about The Lady in Red, but on February 11th, red got a high fashion makeover as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and Bethenny Frankel strutted down the runway in red frocks to promote heart health.

Why? Heart disease is the number one cause of death among women in the United States, and while February is American Heart Month it’s important to keep your heart healthy year-round.

Find out your risk of heart attack and reduce controllable factors by keeping a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise as well as limiting sodium intake and not smoking.

Train for your heart

Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk, but to give your heart a good workout you have to train in the right zone. Calculate your training heart rate and see the benefits of the different zones here. And to ensure you’re reaching your target rate, exercise wearing a heart rate monitor.

So show yourself a little love and take care of your heart.


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Plus: This weekend is Equinox’s Cycle for Survival, an indoor team cycling fundraiser to benefit cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and you can still donate online.

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Tale of the hot spin instructor and his loyal minions

What: Tight, short, black workout shorts that emphasize my muscular legs

Function: To grab the attention of the hot spin instructor at 6:30 in the morning

Form: Suffered immensely in position 2 and 3 due to constant readjustments to avoid creeping hemlines

Mission: Failed, with chaffed thighs

I walked into the new spin class on the first week wearing my usual attire, capris and an old college shirt – heck I rolled out of bed about 20 minutes before it started and I may still have had pillow marks on my face.

Then I saw him in his toned, muscular, already sweaty from his pre-class workout glory.

For teaching at 6:30am on Mondays he had quite a large group (mainly women of course). He led a hard workout and I sweat a lot, but to my dismay I wasn’t overly thrilled with his class or teaching method – he allowed no recovery and constantly instructed to increase the resistance to the point where I was lucky if I could push 10rpm. But that didn’t matter. Oh, I should have known better.

The second week is when I showed up in my boy shorts, and I’ll admit, my legs looked good! Too bad I was constantly pulling the shorts down when in the standing positions to prevent them from riding up entirely. Lesson learned.

The third week I reverted to my capris but decided to ditch my normal T-Shirt for a sexier scoop neck long tank that just-so-happened to show a little décolletage. Again, bad idea, I felt uncomfortable and over-exposed when we moved into position 3. Sadly on week four I slept in and missed spinning. Considering I wasn’t even a fan of the actual class I was a lot angrier than I should have been. And then my gifted month to Equniox (thanks to an innocent Tweet) was over as was my romance-from-afar with my spin instructor.

You don’t even need to live here to know that New York City’s dating scene can be rough (thank you Sex and the City), and I can see the appeal of meeting someone at the gym, at least you know you have at least one (healthy) common interest, but there are boundaries… right? (No meeting someone at a bar doesn’t mean you should endorse the fact that you both share a pastime of drinking!) Now I’m not saying I’d necessarily go there, but in a Jan. 2009 Time Out New York survey of personal trainers around the big apple, 16 percent admitted they’ve had sex with a client, 37 percent said no and 47 percent said “no comment.” Hmmmm no comment about sex? Sounds like someone didn’t want to fess up… but I won’t entirely jump the gun by drawing my own conclusion!

While I’ve never crossed a line with my trainers, nor have I crossed any lines with my clients when I worked as a trainer, I can see where one can fall down a slippery slope. So trainers, clients here’s your chance to come clean!

Poor Judgment on Workout Wear

I’ve seen some weird things inside the ladies’ locker room but yesterday’s sighting was just frightening – a woman wore Spanx under her workout leggings.

My reaction was something similar to Amy Poehler and Seth MeyersSNL Weekend Update skit REALLY? No, but seriously, she did.

Now I’m all about wanting to look good while working up a sweat – that’s half the appeal of wearing Lululemons – but Spanx to the gym? She’s gone too far. Maybe I’m behind the times (is wearing Spanx under workout attire the new trend?!). Because I think that wearing shapewear underneath seems not only uncomfortable but also constricting. The only support needed will be the paramedics after you pass out from shortness of breath while running.

And sadly even Hollywood’s hottest starlets aren’t immune to workout attire gaffes. Ashley Olsen was spotted jogging with her boyfriend (The Hangover hunk) Justin Bartha on Jan. 4 sporting an oversized button down shirt and her trademark oversized sunglasses, and pop princess Britney Spears was reportedly hitting the treadmill at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood with a full face of makeup. Page Six reports that an onlooker said, “she looked like Heath Ledger as the Joker.” Sexy.

** Note to celebs – I’ll save you the embarrassment and am accepting applications to serve as your workout stylist!

With New Year Resolution gym-goers in full gear let the absurd gym sightings commence – what’s the weirdest workout outfit you’ve seen recently?

The Weekend I Rode My Ass Off!

If you picked up on my subliminal hints in Friday’s fitness weekend round-up post you would have noticed that I packed my weekend with spin events. Although thoroughly exhausting, I had an incredible weekend and burned some serious calories!

Saturday, May 16

rtz What: Ride The Zone‘s Soho location grand opening

This is the moving spin bike class I mentioned I took a few weeks back. I signed up for one of the free 30 minute classes being offered throughout the morning from 9am-1pm. Upon arrival, I was blown away! They had gone all out with snacks – fruit and veggie platters to the sky, Zico coconut water for hydration, bagels and muffins and more! Then there was the goody bags which had a free class voucher, t-shirt, water bottle and more Zico. Oh and did I mention the Cyko Challenge they had going on? Riders who registered and successfully completed the challenge of cycling all four hours straight (yes there were rules involved) would receive 50 free classes! There were a few empty bikes for people like myself who signed up for a class but wasn’t taking the challenge. Although I had only signed up for one class, there was a spot opened in the following class so I ended up joining the cyko challenge riders for their 3rd hour (11-12pm). Originally I wanted to take the challenge, but after only an hour I was done – taking a class on that bike is insane! I wore my heart rate monitor and I burned a whooping 650 calories in one hour. I also didn’t hydrate properly so I suffered from a dehydration headache later that evening but I’m semi in love with these classes! But what was most incredible about the event was the people taking the challenge and the cyko instructors. During my time with them they were cheering and pushing through while “motivators” were walking around the class helping replenish water and towels as well as making sure riders up’d the resistance when instructed to. The challenge riders were insane but again I experienced this group mentality that was so encouraging and so inspirational (the other time was with my first Bikram Yoga class). Besides the fact they were dripped in sweat and had quads that were screaming in pain (and still had an hour to go) they were happy and energized and it was contagious. It was almost like one of those religious epiphany‘s you hear about.

Sunday, May 17

rnbWhat: SPIN ‘N BARE, A benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

The Spin ‘N Bare event involved four individual hour long classes that participants could register for (with spin bikes set up in the hallway entrance of Hell’s Kitchen’s Club H Fitness) with each class taught by a different spin instructor. And after leaving Crunch gym in February I finally had the opportunity to take a class with my beloved spin instructor John Nobile. He even remembered me! I think he’s NYC’s best spin instructor and in my eyes, his class is worth any amount of charitable donation!  I wore my heart rate monitor again (this time I burned 500 calories in the hour) and John comes around throughout the class and checks your monitor. If you’re not in the right heart rate zone, he cranks up your resistance and makes you work harder. Charity riders also had a nice distraction. Two Broadway hunks were dancing around keeping us pumped and motivated! This event also had a nice supply of fruit and veggie refreshments and a personal guilty treat, sugar-free red bull! Club H trainers kept refreshing our water and towel supply during the ride and I’m pretty positive I overheard someone say they met their goal for the event! (Post John’s spin class everything blurs together as your try to recoup but I hope I heard right)!

All in all I had lots of free fruit, was inspired by a group of crazy “cyko-lers” and got fit for a cause. Talk about exhaustion! Plus, those were only my cardio sessions; I still went to the gym for weight training after the classes. Now I could really use a yoga class – I have the horrible tendency of scrunching up my shoulders when I ride and I’m still tense in that area now, ugh! Spinners out there, any advice?