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Life Lessons I Learned In The Bikram Studio

Balancing Stick Pose

Despite my initial whining, during my 25 days at Bikram Yoga NYC (I had guests in town the last five days of my month Groupon pass) I was able to take a total of 15 classes.

Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe my passion for the practice. Here’s why:

1. I believe sweat is a strong indicator of a good workout. In Bikram, you’ll start sweating before class even begins.

2. In other forms of yoga there can be a lot of down time while holding poses; and, being the competitive person I am I like to look around at other people. That isn’t great for my meditation nor is it polite when they awkwardly catch me starring at them. In Bikram, moving your eyeballs is energy you can’t afford to waste.

3. The group mentality of the class is incredible. Yogis in general tend to foster a sense of comradeship with each other but there’s just something about dripping sweat in front of each other in as little clothes as possible for an hour and a half that makes you feel so…. Connected.

4. Bikram is a moving mediation. While I’ve never been able to fully “zone out” in other forms of yoga (see number 2) in Bikram I find that I’m completely concentrated on my practice.

5. I like to control my schedule and plan it out to the very last details so if you’re like me (very Type A) Bikram is the yoga style for you. Every class is performed exactly the same way and while you might think that performing the 26 postures in the same sequence every time would become monotonous, each class feels entirely different

6. The first class or two is miserable. But that moment when it all just clicks makes the initial suffering entirely worth it.

7. I get bored when I hold a posture for too long – even if it’s tough. In Bikram, no posture is held for more than a minute and I know exactly what’s coming next (see number 5). Knowing when it’s going to end allows me to judge my effort level.

8. I semi-jokingly told my friend that I’d consider a breast reduction so my practice would be better. Personally, I feel that a having a naturally (or unnaturally if that’s your style) large chest hinders some of the postures because they just get in the way.

9. Bikram has a strong cardio component. I wanted to wear my heart monitor during class but I couldn’t get it to stay completely silent so I left it at home. One instructor said that the Balancing Stick Pose pose was comparable to 30 minutes on the treadmill. While that might be a stretch, it gets your heart rate up.

10. You can do anything for 10 seconds. Suck it up and push through.


How to increase burpee speed

Reader Mark B. is working on his burpee challenge and asks:

I’m up to 22 in one minute. I’m going for 30. Anyone have advice to increase speed?

First off, 22 is great! So let’s talk about how to get over your speed roadblock. The science behind a minute of burpees – it’s considered anaerobic exercise, meaning it doesn’t use oxygen as its main source of energy.

To increase speed I suggest training in intervals, using the Tabata protocol. Tabata works by performing eight non-stop rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest totaling four minutes. So pump out as many burpees as you can in 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds then go straight into 20 seconds of burpee action, rest for 10 seconds etc., completing the 20/10 cycle a total of eight times.

For the next week don’t perform a minute of burpees straight, train with the 20/10 intervals.

When you only have a minute of work, speed is king (assuming form is already correct) and by using Tabata’s repeated short intervals, you are conditioning your body to work without a full recovery.

Good luck!

Magazine Recap (in 426 words): Men’s Health March 2010

Working in the magazine industry, I’m all to familiar with the blood, sweat and tears that go into making each issue. That being said, I can also appreciate the sometimes-ridiculous advice that is doled out. So in case you haven’t been able to pick up your March 2010 copy of Men’s Health magazine yet (and please do, my industry needs all the help it can get!), here are some of the issue’s highlights in 426 words:

Paul Walker on Men's Health March 2010

The ideal protein amount for muscle building is 20 grams, half before and half after your workout. Good sources include eggs (19 grams) and Greek yogurt (15 grams). Stand up to annoying coworkers to lower risk of a heart attack. Women find hypermasculine features unfriendly. The BMI scale doesn’t hold much weight for muscular guys. Don’t use your mother’s maiden name as a password. Peanut butter can last 3 months once opened. There’s an ad for the Warrior Dash, which looks like a blast. For recreational cyclers, lower-cadence training is better because of the muscle-building boost in testosterone it provides.  Free weights work your muscles harder (vs. machine assistance). People who train in groups can boost their pain tolerance more than those who work out alone. Front lat pulldowns are better at working back/chest muscle where behind-the-shoulder pulldowns are better for rear shoulder/bicep activation.  Athletes aren’t born; their built – build leg power, size and strength and build NFL muscles with moves like the box jump. Want strong pecs, develop your upper back muscles as well. Frensno, CA is the drunkest city. Upgrade your workout by focusing on details in form. Take a cue from Paul Walker and build an arsenal of training options. First impressions count but it’s the follow-through that really matters – after the first date, sending a text the following day, mid-morning shows interest but allows the girl to reply on her own time (which we like). When deadlifting, imagine shaving your legs with the bar (bruises and cuts on shines is a sign of good form). Roughly half of doctors’ appointments last less than 15 minutes so prioritize your questions. Successful people lack cynicism. The thermic effect of food proves that consuming several small protein meals over the day can help keep your metabolism elevated. The modern gentleman needs at least two watches. Research shows that a single weight-training session can spike your calorie burn for up to 39 hours after you lift. Teriyaki scallops and spiced sweet potato chips are healthy snack options. Want to add some spice to your sex life – kink starts with communication and too much intimacy can de-eroticize your romance. Reduce your risk of prostate cancer by drinking more coffee, having lots of sex (seriously), eating tomatoes and exercising. Guys think Brad Pitt is the luckiest man. When front squatting with a barbell, make sure your upper arms/elbows do not drop, I know someone who broke her wrist when her elbow accidentally slammed into her knee — form is key! Avoid brass buttons on navy blazers.

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5 Tips for Avoiding Winter Weight Gain
My snow art during NYC's February blizzard

My snow art during NYC's February blizzard

SnowmanWe are not bears, or squirrels and unlike our animal friends who require excess food storage to survive winter, we do not go into hibernation mode for a few months and will have access to food year-round.

But that doesn’t stop the majority of Americans from gaining that extra seasonal padding.

“Your body may be working against you to hang on to it so you stay warm,” Lawrence Cheskin, MD, founder of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center told Prevention magazine.

While you can blame your lack of exercise motivation on the chilly weather or sparse rays of sunshine, we no longer have a physiological need to add an insulating layer to our frames because unlike our caveman ancestors (or animal friends), our risk of freezing to death is made basically non-existent thanks to space heaters and North Face.

The extra poundage typically starts to accumulate with the holiday overindulgence and “the weight-gain cycle can easily continue throughout the winter months, and by spring you can have 5-10 lbs. to lose. Hold that pace for a decade and you will have gained 50-60 lbs.,” Stew Smith, CSCS and former Navy SEAL says.

Here are 5 tips and tricks you can do to help beach-ready body year-round:

  1. Find comfort in fruits and vegetables: Instead of turning to mashed potatoes, pasta, macaroni and cheese, stuffing and other hearty foods for comfort from the chilly weather, take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season such as bok choy, kale, kiwi, pomegranates, parsnips, pears squash and especially those that are a good source of fiber (which makes your feel full longer) such as artichokes and avocados.
  2. Stay active: No hibernating! Keep up those New Year resolutions and stay in shape. If you usually take your workouts outdoor, the snow isn’t an excuse to forgo fitness. Try winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or ice skating, or invest in a temporary gym membership. NYSC offers two weeks for $20, or consider trying a month at a yoga studio – @Tarastiles recommends checking out Strala Yoga! (I’m going to start a month at Bikram Yoga NYC after I get back from my friend’s wedding in a week!)
  3. Bring the workout to your apartment: In the case of a horrible snow storm, or the “snowpocalypse” that the North East has been hit with this week, where traveling to the gym just isn’t safe, workout at home – No excuses, play like a champ! Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, dips (off the edge of your bed/couch), lunges, squats and of course, the dreaded burpees are perfect for small spaces. Here’s a list of no-equipment workouts you can keep in your snow day activity arsenal. My favorites: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds for time of burpees, push-ups and sit-ups, OR, 4 rounds for time of 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 50 squats.
  4. Break out the bikini: Well, sort of. In the winter we tend to pile on the clothing and our figure gets lost under all those layers, allowing that extra weight to hide easily. Wear form-fitting clothes under your coats or try on summer outfits and bathing suits every few weeks to serve as a constant reminder of how your body looks.
  5. Don’t drink your calories: Winter drinks such as hot chocolate and eggnog are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Avoid these empty calorie and sip on hot tea instead. And watch your booze intake; most of the fancy cocktails have lots of hidden calories and are be high in sugar content.

Spring is only a few months away!

Working Out When Injured – Good or Bad Idea?

Two years ago my ankle brace came off.

At 21 years old I broke my first bone… playing laser tag. Yes, I broke my ankle playing laser tag – I’m just that hardcore.

The first X-ray

The first X-ray

Laser tag is a family past time in my household and we go all-out when we play. The local Laser Quest is a two-story, pitch black playing arena lined with mirrors, secret passages and awesome hideout areas to shoot your target. It’s intense. Plus it’s a fun way to get your heart rate pumping! While I was home over winter break of my senior year in college I was a little too ambitious during a game (can you blame me, Darude’s “Sandstorm” was blasting from the speakers), and I wiped out on the freshly cleaned floors. I think rule number two was no running. Oops. To add to my misery, after I fell, the two random little boys that were in the game with my parents, younger sister and I started shooting me. So not only did I break a bone, I also lost the game. After a day of resting and icing I still wasn’t able to put weight on my foot so I finally went to the hospital. Two X-rays and one specialist later I learned I had a slight fracture. Thankfully not enough of a break to warrant a full foot cast, the removable boot/brace was enough to allow my foot to heal properly.

I broke out in tears. Full-blown bawling, not because of the pain, (I have a pretty high tolerance) but tears of sadness because this injury was seriously going to interrupt my workouts. I workout, that’s what I do, and all of the sudden I couldn’t.

Paparazzi shot

Paparazzi shot

A week later I was in the gym with my boot and crutches hobbling through the weight room trying to see what I could manage. My mother is a physical therapist so she helped me with recovery and also tagged along for my first gym visits to supervise. One thing this experience taught me was to hate (and hate is an understatement) people who don’t re-rack their weights. Do you know how difficult it is to remove 90 lbs. of plates from each side and not drop them on yourself while balancing on one foot?

Luckily I was only out of full commission for just under three months but it was scary not knowing how badly I hurt myself and if my inability to fully allow myself to rest would further aggravate my injury. Everyone around me told me to ‘take it easy, treat your body with respect and allow it to recover,’ but for the week I swore all forms of exercise I was depressed. Being in the gym and working out is more than just staying fit for me, it’s my therapy. It’s how I clear my head and deal with emotions whether it be stress, anger etc. I eventually was able to incorporate the upright bike (slow speed, heavy resistance) and rowing into my weight workout but overcoming injury was one of the most mentally and emotionally painful experiences I’ve had to deal with. Have you worked through injury?

Going out with friends (note the boot!)

Going out with friends (note the boot!)

Magazine Recap (in 375 words): Men’s Fitness February 2010

I recapped SHAPE magazine’s February issue last week so it’s time I show some love for the men’s mags.

Working in the magazine industry, I’m all to familiar with the blood, sweat and tears that go into making each issue. That being said, I can also appreciate the sometimes-ridiculous advice that is doled out.

So in case you haven’t been able to pick up your February 2010 copy of Men’s Fitness magazine yet (and please do, my industry needs all the help it can get!), here are some of the issue’s highlights in 375 words:

36 percent of people under 35 go right onto Facebook and Twitter after having sex and 17 percent of readers polled call in “sick” the Monday after Super Bowl. Build a bigger chest with wide grip dips. Leaning forward slightly on bicep curls should allow you to go heavier and will minimize shoulder pain. Jason Ferruggia’s 4rules for thin guys at the gym: do fewer exercises, do more sets, hit your whole body three times a week and keep your reps low (HUH)? Sports massages loosen tight, fatigued muscles and relieve soreness – Give yourself one at home with a foam roller. Cut calories and incorporate interval training to shed extra lbs., and don’t skip breakfast or swear off favorite foods, you’ll eventually cave. Chili is a man meal. The RX for over boozing – eat fruits with high water content to help restore fluid balance and fat-burning capabilities. Make sure your bucket list includes bringing a muscle car back to life and going to rock star camp. My personal Vancouver-athlete hottie  Zach Parise builds core muscles by twists on a Swiss ball while short track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno likes to climb stairs facing sideways while  bent in a low speed skater position to build the glutes, hamstrings and calves. The burpee is the best exercise ever. DUH. When having sex in public, make it a quickie and if you’re doing it in a parking lot, think backseat.  Englishmen are lazy in bed while the Swedes finish too quickly and the best lovers are from Spain, Brazil and Italy according to – Speed skated Allison Baver agrees “Italy has the hottest guys… Plus they’re all about love.” DWYANE WADE in a light gray pinstripe suit – I die – his favorite go-to designers are Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Get abs like star of Legion Paul Bettany by doing hanging leg lifts, rope crunches, ab wheel rollouts and back extensions. Tabata intervals. In the MMA abs workout there are three different types of gorilla swings. Mike Torchia (of Operation Fitness) said he once designed a $25,000 home-gym setup for Kevin Spacey, build your own (basic) for as little as $250. Biggest home-gym mistake: don’t buy used equipment without thoroughly checking it out.