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Working Out When Injured – Good or Bad Idea?

Two years ago my ankle brace came off.

At 21 years old I broke my first bone… playing laser tag. Yes, I broke my ankle playing laser tag – I’m just that hardcore.

The first X-ray

The first X-ray

Laser tag is a family past time in my household and we go all-out when we play. The local Laser Quest is a two-story, pitch black playing arena lined with mirrors, secret passages and awesome hideout areas to shoot your target. It’s intense. Plus it’s a fun way to get your heart rate pumping! While I was home over winter break of my senior year in college I was a little too ambitious during a game (can you blame me, Darude’s “Sandstorm” was blasting from the speakers), and I wiped out on the freshly cleaned floors. I think rule number two was no running. Oops. To add to my misery, after I fell, the two random little boys that were in the game with my parents, younger sister and I started shooting me. So not only did I break a bone, I also lost the game. After a day of resting and icing I still wasn’t able to put weight on my foot so I finally went to the hospital. Two X-rays and one specialist later I learned I had a slight fracture. Thankfully not enough of a break to warrant a full foot cast, the removable boot/brace was enough to allow my foot to heal properly.

I broke out in tears. Full-blown bawling, not because of the pain, (I have a pretty high tolerance) but tears of sadness because this injury was seriously going to interrupt my workouts. I workout, that’s what I do, and all of the sudden I couldn’t.

Paparazzi shot

Paparazzi shot

A week later I was in the gym with my boot and crutches hobbling through the weight room trying to see what I could manage. My mother is a physical therapist so she helped me with recovery and also tagged along for my first gym visits to supervise. One thing this experience taught me was to hate (and hate is an understatement) people who don’t re-rack their weights. Do you know how difficult it is to remove 90 lbs. of plates from each side and not drop them on yourself while balancing on one foot?

Luckily I was only out of full commission for just under three months but it was scary not knowing how badly I hurt myself and if my inability to fully allow myself to rest would further aggravate my injury. Everyone around me told me to ‘take it easy, treat your body with respect and allow it to recover,’ but for the week I swore all forms of exercise I was depressed. Being in the gym and working out is more than just staying fit for me, it’s my therapy. It’s how I clear my head and deal with emotions whether it be stress, anger etc. I eventually was able to incorporate the upright bike (slow speed, heavy resistance) and rowing into my weight workout but overcoming injury was one of the most mentally and emotionally painful experiences I’ve had to deal with. Have you worked through injury?

Going out with friends (note the boot!)

Going out with friends (note the boot!)


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