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Magazine Recap (in 344 words): SHAPE February 2010

Working in the magazine industry, I’m all to familiar with the blood, sweat and tears that go into making each issue. That being said, I can also appreciate the sometimes-ridiculous advice that is doled out. One of my favorite tongue-in-cheek fitness blogs, SocialWorkout, wrote a post that summarized the Oct. 2009 Men’s Health issue in 299 words. While it obviously took information out of context, it was a hilarious post that inspired me to write my own snarky magazine recaps.

Shape cover Feb 2010

So in case you haven’t been able to pick up your copy of SHAPE magazine’s February 2010 issue yet (and please do, my industry needs all the help it can get!), here are some of the issue’s highlights in 344 words:

Don’t slouch; good posture enables you to feel more confident in handling a task. The advertisement for 60-calorie mousse temptations by Jell-O looks delicious. Gold medal-winning gymnast Dominique Dawes used to struggle with self-esteem and now believes that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. Here’s how to love the job you’re in (thanks to the economy you can’t leave!): find a non-monetary way to validate your hard work, i.e. increased responsibility (because we all want to work harder for the same pay), avoid interaction with whiny coworkers and don’t take criticism personally. Evaluate the nutritional content of your relationship – has your mate expired? (And pillows have life spans as well.) Need no calorie substitutes for your sweet tooth? Try the Godiva scented candle in peppermint bark or Dylan’s Candy Bar Strawberry licorice ice cream sugar scrub. One reader gained quality time with her man by working out together. Find a flattering dress: Big busted? Try a scoop neck with empire waist; pears should wear something high waisted to draw eyes up; petites should try a body hugging wrap with a deep v-neck and short hemline. Research from University of Pennsylvania says you can’t blame your chocolate cravings on PMS – postmenopausal women have the same yearning. Damn. Regular exercisers are able to bounce back from the flu faster. Actress Poppy Montgomery handles Hollywood stress with yoga. Control calories at lunch by packing a bento box. The five healthiest nuts: pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts. Try the tick-tock squat, scissor kicks on a ball or rear-raise kickbacks. Blast calories faster with interval training (it also helps improve heart health). Love your natural hair, but see how to style it differently. Fun fact: “Oval follicles that are spiral-shaped beneath the scalp produce curly hair while circular ones that are straight under the scalp yield straight hair, says dermatologist Amy McMichael, M.D.” Learn workout tips from Winter Olympic athletes. Improve heart health by laughing, sleeping, socializing and more! Katharine McPhee’s fitness requirements: good gym location, working out at 11am and making workouts fun.

Ad report:
Ads for shoes that magically tone: 2
Ads for diet supplement pills/fat blasters/metabolism boosters/weight loss jumpstart pills: 7


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I thought that was a fantastic post. I think I’ll create a blog post and link to it.

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