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Twitter To Get Fitter
January 21, 2010, 2:48 PM
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A round-up of a few of my favorite fitness Tweets from experts, celebrities and health fanatics!

@FitBottomedGirl Doing Zumba at work tomorrow as a team-building activity. Could not be more pumped.

@MrGym Resistance exercise builds and maintains muscle, and since muscle is active tissue, you burn more calories, even at rest.

@TaraStiles Expand from stability and your life will crack wide open.

@Thats_Fit Running and Blogging Helped Krissie Lose Over 50 Lbs #thatsfit

@MensHealthMag Too busy to work out? “No time” is no excuse. The Weekend Warrior plan = 1 weekend workout + 15 minutes midweek

@ProfSpiker One-legged squat on keg? Juggling 35-pound kettleball? Seriously? “Craziest workout” photo essay from @menshealthmag → I’ve been coached by the guy, “Torch,” that’s featured! It’s insane!

@BrodyJenner About to put this in my Jack LaLanne juicer… That just looks healthy

Be sure to follow me on Twitter … and look out for your fitness Tweet to make it to the list!


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