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Tale of the hot spin instructor and his loyal minions

What: Tight, short, black workout shorts that emphasize my muscular legs

Function: To grab the attention of the hot spin instructor at 6:30 in the morning

Form: Suffered immensely in position 2 and 3 due to constant readjustments to avoid creeping hemlines

Mission: Failed, with chaffed thighs

I walked into the new spin class on the first week wearing my usual attire, capris and an old college shirt – heck I rolled out of bed about 20 minutes before it started and I may still have had pillow marks on my face.

Then I saw him in his toned, muscular, already sweaty from his pre-class workout glory.

For teaching at 6:30am on Mondays he had quite a large group (mainly women of course). He led a hard workout and I sweat a lot, but to my dismay I wasn’t overly thrilled with his class or teaching method – he allowed no recovery and constantly instructed to increase the resistance to the point where I was lucky if I could push 10rpm. But that didn’t matter. Oh, I should have known better.

The second week is when I showed up in my boy shorts, and I’ll admit, my legs looked good! Too bad I was constantly pulling the shorts down when in the standing positions to prevent them from riding up entirely. Lesson learned.

The third week I reverted to my capris but decided to ditch my normal T-Shirt for a sexier scoop neck long tank that just-so-happened to show a little décolletage. Again, bad idea, I felt uncomfortable and over-exposed when we moved into position 3. Sadly on week four I slept in and missed spinning. Considering I wasn’t even a fan of the actual class I was a lot angrier than I should have been. And then my gifted month to Equniox (thanks to an innocent Tweet) was over as was my romance-from-afar with my spin instructor.

You don’t even need to live here to know that New York City’s dating scene can be rough (thank you Sex and the City), and I can see the appeal of meeting someone at the gym, at least you know you have at least one (healthy) common interest, but there are boundaries… right? (No meeting someone at a bar doesn’t mean you should endorse the fact that you both share a pastime of drinking!) Now I’m not saying I’d necessarily go there, but in a Jan. 2009 Time Out New York survey of personal trainers around the big apple, 16 percent admitted they’ve had sex with a client, 37 percent said no and 47 percent said “no comment.” Hmmmm no comment about sex? Sounds like someone didn’t want to fess up… but I won’t entirely jump the gun by drawing my own conclusion!

While I’ve never crossed a line with my trainers, nor have I crossed any lines with my clients when I worked as a trainer, I can see where one can fall down a slippery slope. So trainers, clients here’s your chance to come clean!


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I’ve been a trainer since 2003 and in that time I admit that the vast majority of clients I have worked with were females and I also admit that I have never had any “private training” sessions with any. At times there were clients that flirted with me and hinted at running away to some Caribbean getaway for a weekend but I never let it happen, sorry I’m taken and my sexy wife is all the woman I’ll ever need. HOWEVER while I worked at Equinox (location undisclosed) in NYC I know there were other male trainers notorious for working in an extra “training session” here and there with a particularly attractive client but for the most part we are not all over qualified gigilos. I will also admit that I have playfully flirted with potential clients in order to get them interested in me, I mean in training with me…hey if ya got it…and I always tell the wife about it afterwords so no moral dilemma there either. At the end of the day we all want to workout to look and feel better and do you really want to workout with someone who doesn’t look good/in shape/attractive or someone who doesn’t make you feel good before/during/after a training session?

Great article (keep em coming) I love ur tweets too!

Comment by Momentum Fitness

Who was this spin teacher? Hints?

Comment by Spinner

@Spinner Since he was always on his best, most professional behavior I’m going to give him the chance at anonymity and leave it with just the hints I wrote in the post: Equinox, 6:30am, Mondays. Good luck! 🙂

Comment by fitchicnyc

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