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Poor Judgment on Workout Wear

I’ve seen some weird things inside the ladies’ locker room but yesterday’s sighting was just frightening – a woman wore Spanx under her workout leggings.

My reaction was something similar to Amy Poehler and Seth MeyersSNL Weekend Update skit REALLY? No, but seriously, she did.

Now I’m all about wanting to look good while working up a sweat – that’s half the appeal of wearing Lululemons – but Spanx to the gym? She’s gone too far. Maybe I’m behind the times (is wearing Spanx under workout attire the new trend?!). Because I think that wearing shapewear underneath seems not only uncomfortable but also constricting. The only support needed will be the paramedics after you pass out from shortness of breath while running.

And sadly even Hollywood’s hottest starlets aren’t immune to workout attire gaffes. Ashley Olsen was spotted jogging with her boyfriend (The Hangover hunk) Justin Bartha on Jan. 4 sporting an oversized button down shirt and her trademark oversized sunglasses, and pop princess Britney Spears was reportedly hitting the treadmill at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood with a full face of makeup. Page Six reports that an onlooker said, “she looked like Heath Ledger as the Joker.” Sexy.

** Note to celebs – I’ll save you the embarrassment and am accepting applications to serve as your workout stylist!

With New Year Resolution gym-goers in full gear let the absurd gym sightings commence – what’s the weirdest workout outfit you’ve seen recently?


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Gah! That’s horrendous – Spanx?!? I haven’t seen too many crazy workout outfits lately, but there was a woman in my Physique class who wore big black sunglasses during class. Which was at night. Maybe the worst outfit I saw recently was my own, when I tried to bundle up to go for a run last night. Scary.

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