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Fit Peeve – Cankle Awareness
July 28, 2009, 11:20 AM
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Apparently Gold’s Gym deemed July Cankle Awareness month – gag me. If our body conscious society didn’t have enough to fret over, we can now add cankles (when the calf merges with an obese or swollen ankle) to the growing list of saddlebags, muffin tops, flabby arms, thunder thighs, cellulite and more.

I salute gyms that make an effort to raise awareness about health issues and try to motivate the population to become more active, but doing so through a marketing campaign designed to destroy one’s body image, disgusts me.

What is even more shocking is the mainstream media coverage this “aesthetic affliction” has received – a front page story in the Wall Street Journal and even a segment on The Today Show.

To be completely upfront, I’ve had a grudge against Gold’s Gym for awhile when I tried to help a friend cancel their membership and encountered the world’s most rude, dense and unhelpful staff/management. But that aside, I’m still completely and utterly appalled with this supposedly “tongue-in-cheek” campaign.

In Gold’s Gym Say No To Cankles campaign they describe the three probable causes of cankles – heredity, obesity and pregnancy. Great, let’s make 2/3 of the population who suffers from cankles even more self-conscious over something they can’t change (genes and pregnancy).

“Even if you’re in great shape, fatty deposits around the ankles are difficult to shrink, says Corry Matthews, a Virginia-based trainer and member of Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute.”

So then Gold’s Gym, tell me, what’s the point?


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Ultimate skinny girl Bethenny Frankel Twittered:

Bethennybakes girls are measuring our ankles bc kathie lee says cankles are a big issue. We range from 8 to 9.5.”. Kathie is 9. Busy day :)10:09 AM Jul 23rd from TwitterBerry

Great, apparently we all need another part of our bodies to obsess over.

Comment by fitchicnyc

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