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Fit Peeve – Cankle Awareness
July 28, 2009, 11:20 AM
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Apparently Gold’s Gym deemed July Cankle Awareness month – gag me. If our body conscious society didn’t have enough to fret over, we can now add cankles (when the calf merges with an obese or swollen ankle) to the growing list of saddlebags, muffin tops, flabby arms, thunder thighs, cellulite and more.

I salute gyms that make an effort to raise awareness about health issues and try to motivate the population to become more active, but doing so through a marketing campaign designed to destroy one’s body image, disgusts me.

What is even more shocking is the mainstream media coverage this “aesthetic affliction” has received – a front page story in the Wall Street Journal and even a segment on The Today Show.

To be completely upfront, I’ve had a grudge against Gold’s Gym for awhile when I tried to help a friend cancel their membership and encountered the world’s most rude, dense and unhelpful staff/management. But that aside, I’m still completely and utterly appalled with this supposedly “tongue-in-cheek” campaign.

In Gold’s Gym Say No To Cankles campaign they describe the three probable causes of cankles – heredity, obesity and pregnancy. Great, let’s make 2/3 of the population who suffers from cankles even more self-conscious over something they can’t change (genes and pregnancy).

“Even if you’re in great shape, fatty deposits around the ankles are difficult to shrink, says Corry Matthews, a Virginia-based trainer and member of Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute.”

So then Gold’s Gym, tell me, what’s the point?


Skinny… On The Rocks
July 24, 2009, 3:41 PM
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In case you didn’t know, today is national Tequila Day! But before you hit the Blockheads happy hour tonight to celebrate with a few of those +350 calorie margaritas, take a tip from Bethenny Frankel and order it up, Skinnygirl™ style!

To make one, you’ll need:
– 2 oz of Clear Premium Tequila
– Tiny splash of Orange Liquor
– Juice of 4 Fresh Lime Wedges
Combine all ingredients over a glass of ice and garnish with a lime wedge

¡disfruta de la fiesta!

Weekend Fitness Round-Up : July 18-19

Spin, Skate and Dance Around NYC This Weekend!

Saturday, July 18th

What: Project ALS Charity Spin Event
Where: Sportime in Amagansett, East Hampton, NY
When: 4-7pm
Why: It’s Fitness For A Cause! Workup a sweat on a two-hour outdoor spin class on the RealRyder bikes with beats from a live DJ while raising money for Project ALS. And there’s a BBQ at the end!
More info:

What: Equinox Dance Marathon
Where: 44th Street and Lexington location
When: 10:30am-4pm
Why: It’s Fitness For A Cause! Four and a half hours of back-to-back classes like Masala Bhangra and Rockette Kickline, followed by food, drink and a special performance by some of the teachers. Proceeds will benefit Dancers Responding to AIDS.
More info: Minimum suggested donation for members is $20/class or $60/day, and $25/class or $75/day for non-members. Register at the 44th Street Location or call 212.953.9492

What: Central Park Roller Disco
Where: Enter the park at 72nd street and walking along the 72nd street transverse toward the center of the park. Follow your ears – listen for the dance music.
When: 2:30-6:30pm (weather permitting) Saturday AND Sunday
Why: The Central Park Dance Skaters Association presents roller skating at the skate circle with hypnotic beats from DJ Bennie DiConstanzo & DJ Albert Crespo (Saturday) and DJ Rob Scott (Sunday).
More info: The event is free. If you have questions or want to become a CPDSA member contact or visit their blog.

What: Stilettos and Self Defense Class
Where: Lululemon in East Hampton
When: 9-10:30am
Why: Kick off your Saturday in the Hamptons by learning how to kick a$$! In this free class you’ll learn how to master the ABC’s of self defense, tap into your inner power, make weapons out of everyday items and save your life with basic techniques – hopefully you’ll never need to use your new skill set!
More info: The class is free, RSVP to

Sunday, July 19th

What: Summer Salutations Workshop
Where: Lululemon Union Square
When: 9:30am
Why: Join Chrissy Carter – Senior Teacher at YogaWorks – for an exploration into Sun Salutations. This workshop with dissect each posture to help you better understand proper alignment and create an easier flow – with a healthy breakfast to follow!
More info: RSVP:

Hot Off the Bench Press – Side Effects of Celebrity Weight Loss, How Living In NYC Helps You Get Fit, A Running Addiction and More!

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Weekend Fitness Round-Up : July 10-12

Bike and Run Your Way Around NYC This Weekend!

Friday, July 10th

What: Free Bike Fridays
Where: Governor’s Island
Why: From my brief excursion to pick up lunch I know that the sun is shining and a cool breeze is in the air! There’s no better weather than that for a leisurely NYC bike ride!
More info: click here

What: CrossFit Games 2009
Where: California (sorry!)
Why: An entire weekend of events like a 7.1km run on a steep hill, deadlifts, rowing, sandbag runs and more! I get exhausted just reading about it. Keep up to date with the competition to find the fittest athlete at

Saturday, July 11th

What: UrbanSchleppers Bike Hunt
Where: Around NYC, Meet at 26th Street and West Side Highway in the park in front of pier 66
When: Arrive at 10:30am to register and receive clues and map. Hunt starts at 11am
Why: Fitness for a cause! Grab a partner and hunt through NYC on bike while raising money ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)! Complete as many clues as you can during the 3 hour cut-off for points and the team that reaches the finish line with the most points gathered wins!  Race ends at a pub so riders can celebrate and swap stories
More info: $20 for solo rider (get matched up) or $35 for 2 person team (deadline 7/10 online registration) or $40 (day of). Click here for more information

Sunday, May 17th

What: Yoga for Athletes with Emilie Smith
Where: Lululemon 1127 3rd Ave. at 66th St.
When: 6:30-7:30pm
Why: Explore how yoga can add to a successful training program. This workshop is designed to explore poses and techniques to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts increase their range of motion and flexibility, particularly in the hip, hamstring and shoulder area. Additionally, a focus on breathing and balancing is designed to improve concentration and mental endurance.
More info: RSVP:

What: ING New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1
Where: Central Park
When: 7am
Why: Gearing up to run a fall marathon? Practice a  long run (6-20 miles) in this “non-competitive run, featuring built-in fuel, pace-setters, and training partners” with the NYRR.
More info: click here