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Conversations Overheard at the Gym

Take your headphones off and listen to the people around you – this stuff is just too good to miss!

At my gym adventure yesterday here are some conversations gems I overheard:

A Piece of Advice

Guy #1: Dude, there are only so many playlists I can make before I know exactly where I am in my run.

Guy #2: That’s why you have to save the best songs for last. They really get you going when you hear them at the end… like who can’t push it out to Sand?


Girl on phone: I think I’m going to leave the gym, I’m wearing shorts and I didn’t shave appropriately.

Where are the Ladies?

Trainer: I’ve never seen a girl pick up a kettlebell or add weight to that machine, I’m impressed.

Me: Thanks? I may be tiny, but I’m strong.

Those are just from last night. I’ll add more great one-liners as I overhear them. Feel free to add your favorites!


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Note, the trainer impressed by my kettlebell skills has dubbed me “strong girl.”
After he said hi to me and I walked into the locker room I heard him telling his client how great my KB swings are and that I can squat nearly 200lbs. I have NO idea how much I can squat (but I know it’s not that much!) and I can guarantee you he’s never seen me try… interesting.

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