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Relationships Make You Fat – So Date Fitness Fanatics!
May 13, 2009, 10:07 AM
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There are two monumental points in a person’s life where he/she stereotypically gains weight: starting college (freshman 15) and being in a long-term relationship/marriage. Once together, couples have a tendency to let themselves go and weight will creep on from the constant eating out, skipping gym sessions, and for women specifically, eating more like your man. Over a few months and years the pounds can add up.

But fitness fanatics don’t worry, this does not mean you’re forever destined to be single! With each relationship you learn more about yourself: What you want from your partner, what values and lifestyle choices are important to you and ultimately what kind of person you can be happy spending your life with.

And I’ve come to develop a hypothesis (it’s not a new one but deserves some recognition!) that physically fit people are drawn to other physically fit people both mentally and physically.

Over the course of my dating history I’ve learned that I need someone who places just as high of a priority of living a healthy and fit lifestyle as I do. Since fitness is such a big part of my life, I need someone who is going to be supportive, encouraging and understanding. Plus who doesn’t want their partner looking sexy? And maybe it’s just me, but I could be sweaty and look like a hot mess, but I feel my sexiest after a rough workout!

And through my share of dating the physically active I’ve put together a list of rules for dating fitness fanatics:

1.    I enjoy going to the gym and working out. You’ll have to be okay with me wanting to go to the gym in the morning or after work (depending on the day) even if that means we have to delay a dinner date. And I have to be equally understanding of your workout/sport schedule.
2.    Since we both enjoy working out, let’s go to the gym together, but let me do my own thing when I’m there.
3.    I’m all about eating healthy but I enjoy a nice dessert or even a bowl of pasta from time to time. Don’t be so hardcore that you guilt trip me about it … I do a fine job of that myself!

I would love to know – do you find yourself attracted only to fitness fanatics?


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