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The Weekend I Rode My Ass Off!

If you picked up on my subliminal hints in Friday’s fitness weekend round-up post you would have noticed that I packed my weekend with spin events. Although thoroughly exhausting, I had an incredible weekend and burned some serious calories!

Saturday, May 16

rtz What: Ride The Zone‘s Soho location grand opening

This is the moving spin bike class I mentioned I took a few weeks back. I signed up for one of the free 30 minute classes being offered throughout the morning from 9am-1pm. Upon arrival, I was blown away! They had gone all out with snacks – fruit and veggie platters to the sky, Zico coconut water for hydration, bagels and muffins and more! Then there was the goody bags which had a free class voucher, t-shirt, water bottle and more Zico. Oh and did I mention the Cyko Challenge they had going on? Riders who registered and successfully completed the challenge of cycling all four hours straight (yes there were rules involved) would receive 50 free classes! There were a few empty bikes for people like myself who signed up for a class but wasn’t taking the challenge. Although I had only signed up for one class, there was a spot opened in the following class so I ended up joining the cyko challenge riders for their 3rd hour (11-12pm). Originally I wanted to take the challenge, but after only an hour I was done – taking a class on that bike is insane! I wore my heart rate monitor and I burned a whooping 650 calories in one hour. I also didn’t hydrate properly so I suffered from a dehydration headache later that evening but I’m semi in love with these classes! But what was most incredible about the event was the people taking the challenge and the cyko instructors. During my time with them they were cheering and pushing through while “motivators” were walking around the class helping replenish water and towels as well as making sure riders up’d the resistance when instructed to. The challenge riders were insane but again I experienced this group mentality that was so encouraging and so inspirational (the other time was with my first Bikram Yoga class). Besides the fact they were dripped in sweat and had quads that were screaming in pain (and still had an hour to go) they were happy and energized and it was contagious. It was almost like one of those religious epiphany‘s you hear about.

Sunday, May 17

rnbWhat: SPIN ‘N BARE, A benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

The Spin ‘N Bare event involved four individual hour long classes that participants could register for (with spin bikes set up in the hallway entrance of Hell’s Kitchen’s Club H Fitness) with each class taught by a different spin instructor. And after leaving Crunch gym in February I finally had the opportunity to take a class with my beloved spin instructor John Nobile. He even remembered me! I think he’s NYC’s best spin instructor and in my eyes, his class is worth any amount of charitable donation!  I wore my heart rate monitor again (this time I burned 500 calories in the hour) and John comes around throughout the class and checks your monitor. If you’re not in the right heart rate zone, he cranks up your resistance and makes you work harder. Charity riders also had a nice distraction. Two Broadway hunks were dancing around keeping us pumped and motivated! This event also had a nice supply of fruit and veggie refreshments and a personal guilty treat, sugar-free red bull! Club H trainers kept refreshing our water and towel supply during the ride and I’m pretty positive I overheard someone say they met their goal for the event! (Post John’s spin class everything blurs together as your try to recoup but I hope I heard right)!

All in all I had lots of free fruit, was inspired by a group of crazy “cyko-lers” and got fit for a cause. Talk about exhaustion! Plus, those were only my cardio sessions; I still went to the gym for weight training after the classes. Now I could really use a yoga class – I have the horrible tendency of scrunching up my shoulders when I ride and I’m still tense in that area now, ugh! Spinners out there, any advice?


Conversations Overheard at the Gym

Take your headphones off and listen to the people around you – this stuff is just too good to miss!

At my gym adventure yesterday here are some conversations gems I overheard:

A Piece of Advice

Guy #1: Dude, there are only so many playlists I can make before I know exactly where I am in my run.

Guy #2: That’s why you have to save the best songs for last. They really get you going when you hear them at the end… like who can’t push it out to Sand?


Girl on phone: I think I’m going to leave the gym, I’m wearing shorts and I didn’t shave appropriately.

Where are the Ladies?

Trainer: I’ve never seen a girl pick up a kettlebell or add weight to that machine, I’m impressed.

Me: Thanks? I may be tiny, but I’m strong.

Those are just from last night. I’ll add more great one-liners as I overhear them. Feel free to add your favorites!

Weekend Fitness Round-Up : May 15-17

No matter what you prefer, spin, walk or run for charity this weekend in NYC!

Friday, May 15th

Saturday, May 16th
What: Ride the Zone Soho location opening
Where: 441 Broadway
When: 9am-1pm
Why: Remember my post about how to “Take your Spin Class to the Next Level?” Well now you can do it in Soho! For their grand opening, Ride the Zone is offering free classes plus gift bags and healthy treats! Plus they are hosting a Cyko Challenge where participants will ride during all four classes (that’s four hours of cycling) to win a pack of fifty rides! I’ll be there taking the 11am class!
More info: Sadly all of the free classes are already full, but stop by to check it out, click here

What: Extreme Dance Party Parade
Where: Starts at Broadway and 28th  and continues along St. Marks.
When: 1pm
Why: An impromptu dance-fest kicks off in the middle of New York’s city streets. The third annual Dance Parade will feature a slew of different styles. Look for ballet, samba, hip-hop, and more. Dance along and burn some calories!
More info: click here

What: Walk to Defeat ALS, 3.1 miles
Where: Hudson River Park
When: Check-in starts at 9:30am, Walk at 11am
Why: Fitness for a cause!! The walk program funds important services and programs for people with ALS and their families, as well as leading, cutting-edge research.
More info: click here

What: Inversion Adventure: Learning to Fly
Where: lululemon athletica, East 66th Street location
When: 8:30-9:45am
Why: Learn to fly with Kay Kay Clivio and Loren Bassett. Lululemon says you can experience the thrill of flying in arm balances that are both fun and challenging. Using a strong Vinyasa flow as a warm up, they’ll play with the alignment and art of arm balancing! This class is open to all levels
More info: RSVP at

Sunday, May 17th
What: SPIN ‘N BARE, A benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Where: Club H Fitness, Hell’s Kitchen location
When: Classes from 10am-2pm
Why: Fitness for a cause!! ALSO very exciting news! I’m signed up to take the 11am class with John Nobile. He’s the incredible spin instructor I mentioned here and I can’t wait to finally take another class of his!
More info: Each class is $25 per class and limited to 75 participates. Click here to register and learn more!

What: AIDS Walk New York
Where: Central Park, enter the park at East 59th Street and Fifth Avenue
When: Sign-in starts at 8:30am, opening ceremony at 9:15am, walk at 10am
Why: Fitness for a cause!! Since 1986, AIDS Walk New York has raised more than $100 million for HIV programs and services in the tri-state area, and has grown into the largest AIDS fund-raising event in the entire world.
More info: click here

What: Yoga for Athletes
Where: lululemon athletica, Union Square location
When: TBD
Why: Yoga is for everyone!
More info: The website says details are TBD. Try calling the store at 212.675.5286.

Relationships Make You Fat – So Date Fitness Fanatics!
May 13, 2009, 10:07 AM
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There are two monumental points in a person’s life where he/she stereotypically gains weight: starting college (freshman 15) and being in a long-term relationship/marriage. Once together, couples have a tendency to let themselves go and weight will creep on from the constant eating out, skipping gym sessions, and for women specifically, eating more like your man. Over a few months and years the pounds can add up.

But fitness fanatics don’t worry, this does not mean you’re forever destined to be single! With each relationship you learn more about yourself: What you want from your partner, what values and lifestyle choices are important to you and ultimately what kind of person you can be happy spending your life with.

And I’ve come to develop a hypothesis (it’s not a new one but deserves some recognition!) that physically fit people are drawn to other physically fit people both mentally and physically.

Over the course of my dating history I’ve learned that I need someone who places just as high of a priority of living a healthy and fit lifestyle as I do. Since fitness is such a big part of my life, I need someone who is going to be supportive, encouraging and understanding. Plus who doesn’t want their partner looking sexy? And maybe it’s just me, but I could be sweaty and look like a hot mess, but I feel my sexiest after a rough workout!

And through my share of dating the physically active I’ve put together a list of rules for dating fitness fanatics:

1.    I enjoy going to the gym and working out. You’ll have to be okay with me wanting to go to the gym in the morning or after work (depending on the day) even if that means we have to delay a dinner date. And I have to be equally understanding of your workout/sport schedule.
2.    Since we both enjoy working out, let’s go to the gym together, but let me do my own thing when I’m there.
3.    I’m all about eating healthy but I enjoy a nice dessert or even a bowl of pasta from time to time. Don’t be so hardcore that you guilt trip me about it … I do a fine job of that myself!

I would love to know – do you find yourself attracted only to fitness fanatics?