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Take Your Spin Class to the Next Level

Hi, my name is Fitchic and I’m a fitness junkie.

Maybe it’s for the adrenaline rush, or maybe it’s an addiction, but I’m constantly seeking out new classes to satisfy my fitness cravings. Recently I tried Bikram Yoga and this weekend I got my “fix” with Ride the Zone.

About a year ago I got into spinning; it was a nice departure from the elliptical/treadmill and I enjoyed the group mentality of the class. And while each class can be just as challenging as my first, I decided to up the ante this weekend with the RealRyder® – the indoor bike that moves.

Oh yes, it moves. Not forwards or backwards, it’s still a stationary bike. Rather, it tilts and turns and was created to “simulate the experience and the benefits of riding a bike in the real world. Not just the pedaling; the steering, the leaning, the balancing, the mental involvement and the emotional excitement,” the product’s website claims. The result? “A 5-in-1 workout for the whole body – not simply legs and cardio, but also upper body, core muscle groups, and balance.” It’s a revolutionary piece of equipment to the spin world.

While you can purchase these bikes from the website, they carry a hefty prices (and well if you live in Manhattan, good luck finding a place in your apartment for it), so I suggest checking out their list of partnered facilities for a class near you. That’s how I stumbled upon Ride The Zone – I went to their Upper East Side location. Check out their website for a video of what the bike looks like in action. And your first class is free! (Although you will need cycling shoes,  you can rent them for $3.)

After having one of the instructors help set up my bike, I gave the class a shot. Maneuvering the bike while sitting down (position one for you spinners out there) was fine, kind of exciting. The standing run in position two and three was a different story. My bike was moving left to right causing the seat to ram into my thighs; I just couldn’t control it as well as the more experienced riders in the class. It took almost the full 45 minutes of class to get used to the bike’s swaying and sadly my cadence never picked up, even with minimal resistance, but it’ll just take some getting used to. It didn’t help that I also got side stitches halfway through the class. The instructor said I needed to breathe a little more – it’s a common problem for first timers. Apparently I was holding onto the handlebars so tightly that I forgot to breathe normally.

Overall, I loved it! My entire body felt the class (especially my obliques) and the cardio component was much more intense than what I’ve experienced from a normal spin class; but, that could be because it’s still new to my body. I can’t wait to try it again and work on increasing my stability and speed while standing.

I looked nowhere near as graceful as this, but check out this Youtube video that demonstrates the bike:


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