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Motivation + Action = Results

Some days you’ll be pumped to go to the gym. You will pack your bag, bring it to work and eat a healthy lunch. But then you get called into a late afternoon meeting, are bombarded with emails and end up staying at the office two hours later than you planned. Out of frustration and fatigue you go straight home.

We’ve all had those days, but you have to remember that staying fit is half mental and half physical. It’s great that you’re motivated and want to workout, but until that motivation becomes action, well, it’s all talk and no results. As Vince Vaughn so eloquently put it, “Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion!” (Thanks Wedding Crashers!)

Best way to take control? Create accountability.

Be accountable to yourself:

Be accountable to others:

  • Make plans to meet a friend at a gym or sign up for a class together
  • Hire a personal trainer (with the right credentials)
  • Sign up for a set of private classes – get your money’s worth!
  • Create your own Biggest Loser-type competition with your friends or amongst your colleagues
  • If you’re in a relationship take partner classes like ballroom dancing, partner yoga

By creating accountability you’ll be more likely to stick to a fitness routine, have fun and feel better!


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I definitely agree with accountability. I myself can easily push off workout but when I have plans to meet a friend there I never back out. Even if once we hit the gym we go our separate ways, the fact that I made plans means I have to stick to them and it’s a sure way to make sure I’m going to the gym! It’s easy and simple and beneficial for both parties!!

Comment by Stacy

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