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March 23, 2009, 12:05 PM
Filed under: Gym, NYC life | Tags: , , , , , did a survey about whether you like to “gym hop” or not …  use one-day passes and try out other facilities, classes, instructors. I was surprised that when I voted (YES!) 66 percent didn’t agree with me.

I first started gym jumping out of necessity – when I was in the process of moving to NYC, I was couch hoping and staying at different friend’s apartments but still wanted (NEEDED!) to work out. Since I wasn’t signing a membership yet, I visited different gyms close to the various apartments I was staying at and received a few day passes here and there. I’m familiar with almost every gym in the Midtown East/Murray Hill area.

Then when I finally moved into my first apartment there were three gyms nearby and I needed to try them all before I settled on one – the location, facilities, clientele and class instructors really make it or break it for me. I just recently moved apartments and decided to switch to a gym closer to my new apartment and now I’m a New York Sports Club member with regional access. Within the past two weeks, I’ve visited five of their different locations.

Why do I recommend gym hopping? Simple, as the saying goes, ‘you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.’ (Note I have now referred to the gym as my second home and my boyfriend! I’m calling myself out on this!) Each gym has something different to offer and not every gym is the right fit for YOU!

  • Instructors While at my first NYC gym, Crunch, I found the most incredible spin instructor. He was passionate about his classes and really gave you a great workout, (to the point where he walked around with a flashlight and checked your heart rate monitor, if you were wearing one, to make sure you were giving it your all)! When I left Crunch because of location, I looked up what other gyms this instructor taught at because I was seriously considering choosing a gym based off him – sadly I wasn’t able to find a suitable option. But before I chose another gym, I tested a few out to see who had decent spin instructors – something that was important to me.
  • Classes Look at what time you like to workout, morning or evening, and does your gym offer the classes you like to take (spin, mat Pilates, boxing) at times you are able to attend? Or perhaps there are new classes like Urban Rebounding, or Masala Bhangara that you’ve been interested in taking, but aren’t offered at your gym.
  • Equipment Not enough cardio machines? No pool? Missing the ab machine that you swear by?
  • Clientele How crowded is the gym at the times you want to workout? What types of people go here; is it a motivating atmosphere?
  • Facilities Are there showers and lockers available? Overall cleanliness and upkeep. How important is it to you to have the gym supply you with towels?

The list could go on. So if you haven’t gym hopped recently, try it out – you might surprise yourself.


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I always called it the “gym bounce.” Definitely take the time to try out each gym or health club. Most are willing to give you a few days to get a good idea of what you’re getting into. One thing that, for me, trumps all of the above is price. I can slide on any of the basics for the right price…especially these days.

Ultimately, I landed at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers. I’m still there, too. Best part? strength training workouts

Comment by Mark Sharper

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